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Rotary District 5890 Global Grant Guidelines
Rotary Foundation Global Grants support Club -inspired, large international activities with sustainable, measurable outcomes in one or more of Rotary’s Six Areas of Focus.  Grant sponsors form international partnerships which respond to real humanitarian and educational community needs.
Participation in Foundation giving, Grants Management Training, and Global Grant sponsorship are all activities which can help your Club reach your goal of receiving the 2022-2023 Rotary Citation for Rotary Clubs, and 2022-2023 Rotary Citation for Rotaract Clubs.  Each District 5890 Club is encouraged to participate in District and Global Grants each year as part of a strategy to become a more vibrant Club.
District 5890 may contribute a portion of its District Designated Funds (DDF) to a Global Grant. The funds available to our District 5890 Clubs from the DDF come from the giving to The Rotary Foundation’s Annual Fund by our District’s Clubs and members in the Rotary year three years prior to this year, plus the earnings of any endowed funds, donated to Rotary’s Endowment by our District’s Rotarians, plus any rollover of unspent funds from the previous year.  DDF is also the source of District Grants reimbursements. The balance of the available DDF (not allocated to District Grants) may be used for Global Grants including scholars, humanitarian service projects, and Vocational Training Teams. DDF may also be used for PolioPlus and the Rotary Peace Scholar programs.
Global Grant applications are processed on-line through the site. On the left you will see a download file entitled, "Global Grant Application Template." This is an excellent tool to help you plan your grant application.
Hint: Frankly, do not bother to start the online application process unless you have all of the club and contact information shown in the template as you will not be ready to complete the application.
Clubs contemplating applying for Global Grants are strongly encouraged to confirm that their partner Rotary Club and District are qualified and that they are in compliance with TRF reporting obligations on existing grants.  In the past, Clubs have spent considerable time and effort working on Global Grant proposals only to find that their proposed partner is under suspension by TRF.  A simple email to the TRF staff member responsible for the project country will answer this question.
Guidelines - subject to review and amendment throughout the year:
1. Qualification - Clubs must be qualified each year to receive a grant.  To qualify for the 2019-20 Rotary Year, a Club’s 2019-20 President and one additional responsible member (preferably the president-elect) must participate in Grants Management Training.  In addition, the club must comply with the 2019-20 Grants qualification Package requirements (available online at . . . look to the left-hand margin of this webpage).
2. DDF Availability - Clubs are requested to notify District Foundation Committee Chair Barbara Franklin ( early in the Global Grant planning process to discuss the availability of DDF.
3. Minimum Grant Size - The minimum Global Grant project size is $30,000, and must include a minimum matching TRF fund request of $15,000. DDF contributions are matched $1 to $1 by TRF, and Club contributions are matched $0.50 to $1 contributed. The D5890 Grants Committee expects the other District and its participating Club(s) to also have some money in the project.
4. Partners - Clubs are encouraged to seek additional Clubs/Districts to participate in individual projects in an attempt to achieve their total funding objective after establishing the availability of our District’s DDF, if DDF will be required for your Global Grant.  The District 5890 may be able to help your club identify possible Global Grant projects and partners. 
5. Global Grant & DDF Limits - As to clubs seeking District 5890 DDF, clubs may generally serve as the Host or International Partner for only one Global Grant Humanitarian Grant application per Rotary Year.  Clubs are however encouraged to participate, as additional funding clubs, in as many Global Grants as they are financially able. District 5890 DDF is generally limited to a maximum of $10,000 for any one humanitarian Global Grant. Note: Again, the limitation to one grant application per year does not apply to Global Grant Scholar Grants or Vocational Training Team Global Grants.
6. Evaluation - The District 5890 Grants Committee will consider the following when evaluating a Club’s Global Grant request:
a. Does the applying Club have a positive history of giving to The Rotary Foundation’s Annual Fund and PolioPlus on a per capita basis compared to other clubs in the District? 
b.  Have the applying Club’s members been active participants in District activities, training seminars and conferences?
c.   Does the applying Club have a successful history of timely completion and reporting on previous Grants, if any? The Grants committee will be pleased to work with Clubs which have not participated in Grants in the past.
d. Does the applying Club have an understanding of the Global Grant process, their Club’s responsibilities and have Club member(s) that will take responsibility for monitoring the Grant over the Grant’s life which could be over multiple years and involve multiple Club Boards.
e.  Does the applying club have a plan to publicize their grant on Rotary Showcase, their Club website, public media, and at other Clubs and District events?
Please feel free to contact District 5890 Foundation Committee Chair Barbara Franklin (  with any questions about qualification, the planning of your Club’s Global Grant, or about the availability of District Global Grant Funds.