Rotary clubs are located in small and large cities around the globe, and here in Texas our neighboring Rotary District 5870 is located in the Austin, Texas area.  Just like their Austin area Rotarians, our Houston area Rotarians in Rotary District 5890 have a commitment to serving others with our local and international service projects.  Rotary is an organization that is non-religious, non-political, and non-denominational and focuses on helping others and making an impact in the world.  We're People of Action that are committed to "Service Above Self"!
Our friends and fellow Rotarian from Austin, Patrick Harrison and Amber Scarborough, recently appeared on "Talk 1370AM" Radio in Austin to share their Rotary story and tell why they are Rotarians with the topic:  "Your Local Rotary
Club is NOT your Grandfather's Lodge".  It's an awesome interview where Patrick and Amber share from their heart about why being a Rotarian is like on other experience in the world and why you should join your local Rotary club. 
CLICK HERE to listen to their 15-minute passionate discussion about the world's greatest organization, Rotary International!