Rotary District 5890 District Rotaract Chair:  rex martinez

Rotaract is a Rotary Membership option for young professionals and university age individuals.
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Join the global movement of young adult leaders who are developing innovative solutions to the world's most pressing challenges

What is Rotaract? 
Rotaract is one of Rotary's membership types for university students and young professionals young ages 18 and up who are dedicated to finding innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges while developing leadership skills and making friends from around the world. Rotaract clubs are members of Rotary International.

Rotaract clubs decide how to organize and run their own clubs, manage their funds, and plan and carry out activities and service projects that are important to their communities. Clubs that sponsor Rotaract clubs offer guidance and support, and work as partners in service.
Rotaractors worldwide were asked to select three words that best describe Rotaract. Here's their top answers: Humanity.  Community.  Leadership.  Compassion.  Community Development.  Friendship.  Service.  Fun.

Through Rotaract clubs, you can develop leadership and professional skills, exchange ideas with community leaders, and have fun through service.

  • What Are The Goals of Rotaract?

    Rotaract has the following goals:

    ·       To develop professional and leadership skills, plus networking

    ·       To provide opportunities for personal and group activities
    ·       Serve the community and promote international understanding and goodwill toward all

    ·       To recognize, practice, and promote ethical standards as leadership qualities and
             vocational responsibilities

    ·       To develop knowledge and understanding of the needs, problems, and opportunities in
             the community and worldwide

How does it work?

Rotaract activities take place at the club level, and members select which projects they want to do. Rotaract clubs hold formal meetings either weekly or every two weeks, which feature speakers, fun, special outings, social activities, mentorship, discussions or visits to other clubs. Club members get together on designated days for service project work, social events, or professional/leadership development workshops.

All Rotaract clubs automatically adopt the () (), and changes can be made only by the RI Board. supplement the Standard Rotaract Club Constitution and set common club practices. Clubs are welcome to adapt the Recommended Rotaract Club Bylaws, provided the changes do not conflict with RI's constitutional documents, the Standard Rotaract Club Constitution, and the Rotary Code of Policies.
Rotaract Clubs In District 5890 (Greater Houston Area)

Rotaract Club Officers:  To download your club's official club logo, right-click and select "Save Image As".  Please use on your club Facebook page, website and other club materials.

1.  Rotaract e-Club of Greater Houston Area
President:  Verónica Pérez Sánchez

2.  Rotaract Club of Houston Innovation Corridor
President: Erika Natalie
President: Angela Herrera

4.  Rotaract Club of El Campo Literacy Advocates
President: Kim Wilson 

5.  Rotaract Club of University of Houston
President: Pedro Hernandez


6.  Rotaract Club of West Houston/Katy
President: Rex Martinez

7.  Rotaract Club of Seabrook
President: Grant Wagganer




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Rotaract club and member data

Who can update Rotaract club and member data?

  • Only Rotaract club presidents or Rotaract advisers are authorized to update Rotaract club and member data.

How do I download a list of club members?

  • Rotaract club presidents cannot download a list of club members. However, Rotary club sponsors can download a report of program participants and alumni in the Alumni section of .

I am a Rotaract club president. Why don't I see the options to update club or member data?

  • Your position in the club may not have been reported. Complete and submit the . Please wait five business days for your registration to be processed before signing in to your account.

How do I add an incoming Rotaract club president?

  • Rotary clubs can add, edit, or remove the Rotaract club president or president-elect in the Rotaract section of .
  • Only the current Rotaract club president can report an incoming club president. You must first add the individual as a member of the club before you can appoint him or her club president for the coming year.
  • You can also update Rotaract club president, president-elect, and adviser using the .
  • Information about Rotaract club presidents (excluding personal addresses) is included in the Worldwide Rotaract Directory.

How do I add members who already have a my rotary account or who were members of another Rotaract club?

  • If a Rotaract club member already has a My Rotary account or has been reported as a member of another club, ask the member to email  his or her name, club affiliation, and start and/or end date for the past or current club. They can also submit these changes through on the Program Participation section of their profile.

I have indicated an end date for some of my club members but they still appear on my member roster. What do I do?

  • Both active and terminated members will appear on your club roster. If you would like a list of only active members, contact the president of your sponsor Rotary club to ask for a report of your club's program participants available in the Alumni section of .


visit rotary brand center for rotaract club logos & promo materials

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  • Template to create a Rotaract Club Logo or Rotaract Club "Logo Lockup" (this lockup version can't be used as club logo but rather when your club has a event, fundraiser, or partner/sponsor) - Click here  
  • Rotaract Brand Center Videos, Photos, and Downloads:  Click here 
  • Guide:  "Your Logos At A Glance": See below or Click here to download

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