On November 5, 2024, We'll Celebrate the 62nd Anniversary of Interactors Changing the World!
The very first Interact club chartered in the world was at Melbourne High School, Florida, USA on November 5, 1962 - Click to learn more.
The name “Interact” came from combining the words “international” and “action”. Interact was Rotary's approach to a program that enabled the youth to serve both in their communities and internationally.
Interact clubs bring together young people ages 12-18 to develop leadership skills while discovering the power of Service Above Self. Find out how serious leadership can be seriously fun.  Consider starting an Interact club at your local public or private middle school or high school.           
Video of Jennifer Jones, First Woman President of Rotary International, Sharing Her Thoughts About Interact
Your club's 2024-2025 Interact District Dues must be received by December 1, 2024.
(This is Word document to download, add number of members, insert invoice total, and mail to the address on bottom of form.)
To access some of the links and downloads on this webpage you are required to have a "My Rotary" Account on Rotary.org.
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This is the most prestigious award that an Interact club can receive!  The Rotary Citation for Interact Clubs recognizes clubs that support Rotary International's Action Plan by completing activities that help increase our impact,expand our reach, enhance participant engagement, and increase our ability to adapt.

To achieve the citation, Interactors should:
• Review the details of the goals on this worksheet:  "Rotary Citation for Interact Clubs - Goals and Information".
• With guidance from the club adviser, select at least 11 of the 20 goals to achieve to qualify.  This flexibility allows you to choose the goals that are the most relevant and attainable.
• Specify the target goal in the SET YOUR GOAL column.
• When the club meets a goal, indicate this in the GOAL ACHIEVED column.
• The sponsor club officers and club adviser should refer to the above worksheet throughout the year to make sure that the club is on track to meet its goals.
Deadline to submit activities to Rotary International is August 15, 2024.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the Rotary Citation, your Interact clubs must:
  1.  Be an officially chartered Interact club (Check with D5890 Interact Committee Co-Chairs Emi Abiera and Erica Alderete to confirm if you are.  Rotary Club Sponsors:  Click here if your Interact club is listed as "Terminated" for how-to instructions to get your Interact club changed to "Active")
  2. Also, your adult adviser of your Interact club also needs to electronically submit your Interact club's "Report Your Interact Club Advisor" to Rotary International to - (click here for link to submit)
Rotary District governors, district youth protection officers, and all club and district leaders involved in Interact, RYLA, or Rotary Youth Exchange should review this guide. Districts may also apply these guidelines to other youth activities or when working with any vulnerable population.
The Rotary Youth Protection Guide is a comprehensive manual to providing a safe and secure environment for all young people involved in Rotary programs and activities. It includes guidelines for developing, implementing, and maintaining an effective district youth protection program. The methods described in this guide can be modified to comply with local laws and should be used in combination with other locally developed training resources.

The information in this publication comes in part from the efforts and experiences of Rotary members and reflects the best practices of Rotary districts. Policy references are to the Rotary Code of Policies. Any decisions made by the Rotary International Board of Directors take precedence over information in this publication.
The 2022 Interact Handbook a Guide for Interactors provides tools for Interactors to create a club that reflects their goals while having fun!
Built with input from Interactors from around the globe, this handbook offers key information and workbook pages to guide Interactors to...
  • Start an Interact Club
  • Build a dynamic club
  • Promote your club's work to your community and the Rotary world.
What is Interact?  How do I charter a new Interact club?  What is my role?  How do I work with these young leaders?  What is Rotary's Youth Protection and DEI policy?
This guide provides the answers to adults who support Interactors in these endeavors, whether you’re a longtime member of a Rotary or Rotaract club or this is your first contact with a Rotary program. 
It also helps Interactors understand the roles of the adults that are devoted to helping them succeed as young leaders.
Sign-Up to Receive Rotary's "Young Leaders in Action" Monthly Electronic Newsletter
Read articles, watch videos, plus tips and ideas to help you engage the next generation of Rotary leaders! This is a free newsletter, but you will need to create a "My Rotary" Account on www.Rotary.org to subscribe - Click here for "how-to create a My Rotary Account" instructions.
Young Leaders in Action is a monthly source of news, resources and event information for young leaders in Interact, the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) program plus the adults that support them.
2024-2025 "Club Excellence Award For Interact Clubs" (Formerly "Rotary Citation for Interact Clubs" Award) From the 2024-2025 President of Rotary International, Stephanie Urchick!
This is the most prestigious award that an Interact club can receive! The Club Excellence awards, formerly the Rotary Citation Award, recognize the hard work clubs do throughout the year. Working to achieve the Club Excellence goals helps clubs engage their members, increase their impact, stay relevant in their communities, and run more efficiently. A welcoming and engaging club not only fosters a positive experience for its members, but also reflects the values of Rotary. When clubs achieve these goals, they contribute to the overall health and culture of Rotary for generations to come.
Interact clubs that achieve the  by the end of the 2024-2025 Rotary year (July 1, 2024 - June 30, 2025) will earn a Club Excellence Award.
Only Interact clubs that have an active charter with Rotary International are eligible for the award. To confirm that a club is active, Rotarians can check the Listing of Club-Sponsored Organizations in .
All achievements need to be reported by 15 August 2025.
The sponsor Rotary club’s president completes the  by 15 August 2025. For Interact clubs with more than one sponsor club, only one nomination should be submitted for any given Interact club.
Rotary International's Partnerships
When organizations and corporations partner with Rotary, our 1.4 million members amplify the business and organization's impact, elevates their brand, advances important causes, improves communities, and gain access to global connections.
These include Service, Strategic, Cause-Related, Corporation and Foundation, Project plus other types of partnerships.
Consider doing a service project or volunteering with one of these organizations! 
Contact them to see if someone from their organization could be a speaker at a Interact club meeting, or maybe your Interact club could host them to speak at a school assembly about a school-wide service project in partnership with your Interact club.
Read more about "Rotary's Partnerships" (Click Here)
Rotary also has "Collaborating Partners" such as:
Click here to view Rotary International's full list of Collaborating Partners
Interact District 5890 P.E.T.S. Handbook for 2024-2025
Coming Soon!
The year of being the president of an Interact club can be exciting...and a little overwhelming if the president isn't prepared.  While Interact needs to be FUN, it is also supposed to be "Serious Fun" because of all the live-saving and life-changing service projects that the Interactors get accomplished.
Our 2024-2025 Interact District 5890 P.E.T.S. Handbook will help boost the leadership skills of the Interact presidents, Teacher Advisers, and Rotary Sponsors and help them prepare in advance for a successful leadership year.
Link to Download Is Coming Soon!
Note:  To access some of the forms and links on this page, you'll need to create a "My Rotary" Account at www.Rotary.org.
You will need your parents permission if you are a minor. 
Rotary's Learning Center has on-line courses to help you learn more about Rotary, Rotary's Youth Protection Policy, Service Learning for both Interact Advisers and Students, tips and hints from Toastmasters International about giving speeches, DEI, Leadership Skills, and more!
All you need to do is create a "My Rotary Account" (see column on left: "How to Create A My Rotary Account") and click here for a list of courses.
Create Customized Club Event Flyer
This Interact Event Flyer can be customized to promote Interact events of all kinds whether it’s a fundraiser or a social gathering.  Add text, upload a photo, incorporate your club logo, and add sponsor or partner logos.
See section on the right for creating a custom Interact club logo.
Create Customized Club Social Media Graphic

This social media graphic can be customized to promote Interact events of all kinds. Add an event title and description, upload a photo, and incorporate your club logo.

This is a great tool to use to promote your club's fundraiser, social gathering, "Join Our Interact Club" invite, or share info about your club's community service project.
Use the links in the section above to create a club logo, or club "logo lockup".
Create a Custom Logo for Your Club
See links below to create your club logo!
Below are examples of two of Rotary International's official logos for Interact logos.  These are Rotary International's legal, registered, trademarked, global logos for Interact, so you are only allowed to add your club's name but no other text. 
One example has the name in the "above and below" layout in "Sky Blue" (Interact's official color), and the other is the "below" layout in "Black". 
Meet with your club officers and Faculty Advisor to select your favorite layout and then use it consistently in all your club materials. 
You can also create a club "logo lockup" which includes your club's logo, plus the name of the project, event, fundraiser, or with the name or logo of your partnering organization:  Example:  DisasterAid USA, American Cancer Society, YMCA, or maybe another organization or club at your school. 
You are not allowed to use this logo lockup layout with your club's name on the left of the vertical line!  
Click here to create a club "logo lockup".(only use project name, event, fundraiser or name of partner)
Create Customized Promotional Cards For Your Interact Club!
Note:  Before creating these cards, you need to get approval and guidance regarding school policy from your Interact Teacher Advisor/Sponsor.
These double-sided promotional cards can be customized to promote your Interact club.  Edit the text, then use the stock photos provided to create these cards to promote your club in your school, at events, and in the community!
Important Note:  Everyone in Rotary's stock photos, including the parents/guardians of the minors, have signed Rotary International's official "Photo Release/Likeness" Form, so they are safe to use for promoting Interact. 
You can customize the text and either upload a club photo, or select from Rotary International's images on the front and back of the card.  You can customize by adding your club's name, meeting info, and contact information. 
Interact Virtual Meeting Background
Use this digital background on video conferencing application such as Zoom or Skype.  This virtual background has the official Interact Logo, #RotaryResponds and #People of Action.
To Download:  Right-click on image and a drop-down menu will appear and you'll click "Save Image As" to download to your computer.
Grand Prize Winner of the 2023 Interact Award Video Contest
December 1, 2023 was the deadline to submit and entry, and in February 2024, Rotary International announced the Grand Prize Video of the 2023 Interact Awards Best Video contest.  The 2023 Interact Award goes to the Interact Club of Kuen Cheng High School, Malaysia! The judges were impressed by their creative storytelling and striking visuals! 
Watch the video below to learn more about Interactors making a difference in their community!
Click here to visit Interact's Official YouTube Channel to watch Interactors around the globe share their stories about service!
The details about the "2024 Interact Awards" will be announced in september 2024, so consider submitting an entry!
Stay tuned for more details coming in September!
Interact District 5890 Resources & Downloads For Your Interact Club

Your club's 2024-2025 Interact District Dues must be received by December 1, 2024.
This is Word document to download, add number of members, insert invoice total, and mail to the address on bottom of form.

our district 5890 resources


Some items below may require a "My Rotary" Account - Click here for "how-to" instructions!

rotary youth protection & Risk management

opportunities for interactors

important dates for the 2024-2025 School Year

Below are dates for events & activities here in Rotary District 5890.
Also included are Rotary International's "monthly themes" which are great opportunities for you to hold service projects that focus on these types of projects in your school and/or community.
August 2024 - June 2025 - "Books for the World" - Which is 4-Projects-in-1:   Literacy, International, Vocational, and Environmental
  • 2024 Books for the World sortings will start soon!  Sorting Dates Coming Soon! Link to Register Coming Soon!  Event Flyer Coming Soon!
  • MANDATORY: By June 30th each year, you must submit your Interact Clubs Advisor's name to Rotary International.  If did not do this in June 2024 for the 2024-2025 school year, please submit it now or your Interact club risks losing their club's charter with Rotary International - Click here
July 2024
August 2024
September 2024
  • September is Rotary International's Monthly Theme:  "Basic Education & Literacy Month" (Project idea:  Book drive for local shelter or Books for the World)
  • September 14 - Hosted by Alvin High School, Alvin TX  - Interact Round-Up & District Officer Installation - Details & Event Flyer Coming Soon!
  • September 14 - December 1, 2024 (Due Date:  Dec 1st)  2024-2025 Interact District Dues - Click for Interact 5890 Invoice  - Click for Rotary District 5890 W9
  • September (Date Coming Soon) - 9 AM - Noon - Books for the World Book Sorting, 3401 Navigation Blvd., Houston - Registration Link Coming Soon!
  • Sept 30 - Oct 6th -  2024 Rotary Alumni Reconnect Week
October 2024
November 2024
  • November is Rotary International's Monthly Theme:  "The Rotary Foundation"
  • November (Date Coming Soon) - 9 AM - Noon - Books for the World Book Sorting, 3401 Navigation Blvd., Houston - Registration Link Coming Soon!
  • November 4-10 - World Interact Week (Interact was founded on November 5, 1962 so World Interact Week is celebrated Monday through Sunday during the week of November 5th)
  • November (Date Coming Soon) - 2025 Camp RYLA Student Applications Due - Click for application! (Deadline to submit is date coming soon)
  • November (Date Coming Soon) - 9 AM - Noon - Books for the World Book Sorting, 3401 Navigation Blvd., Houston- Registration Link Coming Soon!
December 2024
January 2025
  • January is Rotary International's Monthly Theme:  "Vocational Service"
  • January (Date Coming Soon)- 9 AM - Noon - Books for the World Book Sorting, 3401 Navigation Blvd., Houston - Registration Link Coming Soon!
  • January 30 - Rotary District 5890 All-Club Gala - Location, cost, time and more details coming soon!
February 2025
  • February is Rotary International's Monthly Theme:  "Peacebuilding & Conflict Resolution"
  • February (Date coming soon!)- 2024-2025 Rotary District 5890 4-Way Test Essay Contest for Senior Interactors - Details coming soon!
  • February (Date coming soon!) 2025 RYLA Camp (Rotary Youth Leadership Award) - Application and due date coming soon!
  • February (Date Coming soon!)- 9 AM - Noon - Books for the World Book Sorting, 3401 Navigation Blvd., Houston - Registration Link Coming Soon!
  • February (Date Coming soon!) - Senior Interactors should submit their Four-Way Test Essay entry and signed Cover Sheet to their high school Interact Club Sponsor for verification and signature of eligibility. - Click here to download scholarship requirements.  (Date coming soon for firm deadline for Interact Club Sponsors to email each senior's Four-Way Test essay and Cover Sheet to Erica Alderete at ealderete.rotary@gmail.com
  • February (Date Coming Soon) - 9 AM - Noon - Books for the World Book Sorting, 3401 Navigation Blvd., Houston - Registration Link Coming Soon!
  • February 15 - (Time & Location coming soon) - Interact D5890 Day of Service "Service with the Rotary Governor" - Details coming soon!
  • February 23 - Rotary's 120th Anniversary!
  • February (Date Coming Soon) - Deadline for high school Interact Club Sponsors to email each senior's Four-Way Test Essay Contest entry and Cover Sheet to Erica Alderete at ealderete.rotary@gmail.com.   (On March (Date Coming Soon), essay scholarship winners and their high school Interact Sponsors will be notified of results)
March 2025
  • March is Rotary International's Monthly Theme:  "Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Month"
  • March (Date Coming Soon) - 9 AM - Noon - Books for the World Book Sorting, 3401 Navigation Blvd., Houston - Registration Link Coming Soon!
  • March (Date Coming Soon)- Winners of the Rotary District 5890 Four-Way Test Essay Scholarships will be announced - Winners will be recognized at the District 5890 Interact Conference on March 22nd. 
  • March 22 - Interact District Conference - Lone Star College-Cy Fair Conference Center, 9191 Barker Cypress Road, Cypress, TX - More info coming soon!
April 2025
May 2025
  • May is Rotary International's Monthly Theme:  "Youth Service Month"
  • MANDATORY:  Between May 1st & June 30th - You must submit your Interact Clubs Advisor's name to Rotary International - Click here
  • May 1-4 - Rotary 5890 District Conference in College Station, TX
  • May (Date Coming Soon) - 9 AM - Noon - Books for the World Book Sorting, 3401 Navigation Blvd., Houston - Registration Link Coming Soon!
  • May 10 (Time & Location coming soon) - Interact President Elect Training (P.E.T.S.)
  • May (Date Coming Soon) - 9 AM - Noon - Books for the World Book Sorting, 3401 Navigation Blvd., Houston - Registration Link Coming Soon!
  • May - Submit your Rotary Citation for Interact Clubs Form directly to Rotary International - Link ("My Rotary Account login required - Click here for how-to create account
June 2025 (Please note June 30th below)
July 2025
  • July is Rotary International's Monthly Theme of  "Maternal & Child Health Month"
  • July 1st is first official day of the 2025-2026 Rotary Year.  This is the day that 2024-2025 Rotary International President Stephanie Urchick & Board Members and all Rotary, Interact, and Rotaract officers in clubs around the world take office.
Add text here
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Did you know that the name “Rotary”, "Interact", "Rotaract" and the Rotary Wheel are legal, registered trademarks? That’s right. The “Rotary Marks” are owned by Rotary International and used by the clubs and districts under guidelines set forth by the RI Board
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If you need help in Rotary Brand Center, please contact Tommie Buscemi, Rotary District 5890 Public Image Committee Co-Chair and District Webmaster. 
Send an email: Click here!
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rotary brand center - your place to find materials to promote your club

Click here (no login required) to visit Rotary's "Brand Center" where you can use the official templates to create a custom logo for your Interact club.
■     ■     ■     ■     ■

interact club logos

There are two types of official Interact logos you can create in Rotary Brand Center:  Club Logo, and Logo Lockup
1.  Below are examples of the club logos with the Rotary wheel and your club's name. 
Downloadable formats are:  PDF, JPG/JPEG, or PNG (transparent background)  (Printing companies usually require PDF format)
Logo colors:  Create a "All Sky Blue" (the official Interact color), "All Black", or "All White" (great for use on dark color t-shirts)
Club Name Positions (in relation to word "Interact":  "Below", "Above and Below", or "Above"
2.  Below is the "Logo Lockup" version:  Use this logo lockup to show a relationship between your club and its partner, sponsor, program, or event. Only one partner, sponsor, program, or event name or logo can be used in your lockup. This lockup should not be used as a club.
NOTE:  Each club can choose their favorite layout, but once selected, use that logo consistently on your club website, Social Media pages, club materials, etc.
■     ■     ■     ■     ■


Click here to find customizable templates to create club logos to use on all your communications materials plus Promotional Materials to promote your club, project, or program.
Click here to create "People of Action" Facebook Photo using your own club's photo similar to the example below.  Note that at this time, they do not have an Interact club logo option, so make sure your Interactors are wearing their club's t-shirt, or include banners in the photo.
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downloadable items

Click here to find compelling images, videos, and audio recordings to engage people in the Rotary story and help your club communicate effectively.
Click here to view all types of 814 downloadable items including photos, videos, Zoom/Virtual Backdrops, Areas of Focus logos, and more.
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