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Here, you'll find tools, ideas, and "how-to" resources to expand your club's public image.

Rotary District Public Image Committee
Co-Chairs: Charlie & Tommie Buscemi
Phone:  281.359.7193 (Office), 713.598.7129 (Mobile)
Public Image is how we tell our story in ways that help people everywhere understand what Rotary does, how we’re different, and why our work matters. 
2023-2024 Committee Representative for District 5890 Rotary Fountation Committee:  Barbara Franklin
2023-2024 Committee Representative for District 5890 Membership Committee:  Stacy Brevard
2023-2024 Committee Representative District 5890 Scholarship Committee:  Jenna Buscemi
2023-2024 District 5890 Photographer:  Maria Cortez-Ochoa
People of Action - Houston!
This video below was produced by Rotary International and features our Houston area Rotaractors and Rotarians at their local community service projects. 
We're People of Action!  Do Something Amazing & Come Join Us!
Our 2023 District 5890 Public Image Resource Newsletter
Announcing Rotary's Newly Redesigned "Brand Center"

showcasing your club's local & global impact just got easier to do!

Rotary's newly designed Brand Center has a fresh new design that is easy to use, and you no longer need to login to your My Rotary Account!  Click here for the Brand Center Welcome Page
Use their templates to create club logos, club promotional materials, social media ads, business cards, club brochures, PowerPoints, etc.!
NEW to Brand Center?  Watch the video below or Click here for HELP & Frequently Asked Questions!
2022-2023 District 5890 Public Image Challenge Award
We want our District 5890 clubs to get excited and motivated to take their public image to a whole new level!
Use this Public Image Award as your "ROADMAP" to making an impact!
Club Website:  Keepin' it fresh!  Audit Your Club's Website & Social Media Presence With This 2023-2024 Checklist
Have you ever looked at your club's website as if you were a potential member?  Is it up to date, with current photos & service projects...or is it old, dated, and need a facelift? 
Would you join your Rotary club based upon your website & social media?  People  
who are curious about Rotary, or the clubs in their area, will search for your club information online. What they find will either end their interest or inspire them to learn more about your club.
It's not "if" they explore your club online...but "when"!  Take the time now to update, correct, and showcase your club to potential members.
Getting Permission:  Photographs of Your Events, Fundraisers & More...Do you have a Photo Release? Let's Follow The Same Procedure As Rotary International Does!
So you've taken great photos of your club's event, meeting, fundraiser or public event to promote on your club's website, social media, and club brochure.  Do you really need a Photo/Model/Likeness Release?  Click here to learn more.

Getting permission

It’s important to obtain signed, written permission from every person visible in the image or recording before you post it to your website or social media accounts. This applies to people in your club, all participants or attendees in any service projects, and people walking by in the background. Written consent should include the name of the subject and a statement that says they agree to be recorded and that the person recording them may use the recording.

If possible, avoid including anyone under age 18. If you do include them, be sure to get written permission from the parents or guardians of any children who appear in the video.

If the video is taken by someone else, have that person license its use to your club and make sure the subjects have granted permission for you to use their images or voices.

So, What is your proof?

Once you've taken the photos and have the signed release, what is your proof that the person in the photo actually signed the release?  You need to take a closeup photo of the person holding their Photo/Model/Likeness Release (see example photo on the left) to ensure a clear one-to-one match of the person’s name with their model release.
Each Rotary Club should keep photo releases, plus the closeup photo of the person holding their signed release:
  • Signed by both parents if the subject is a minor (under age 18)
  • And/or signed by the subject if the subject is an adult (age 18 or older).
If the Club has such a release and photo evidence, then the Club may use images of the subject in its PR, on its website, etc. The responsibility for obtaining and retaining releases should be done by the Rotary club and kept in a permanent file.
Before use, please verify with your club’s attorney that the form is appropriate for use by your club and meets your club’s local jurisdiction legal requirements.

Need Help with ClubRunner?

Contact the District 5890 Webmaster
Tommie Buscemi - 281-359-7193 - Tommie5890@SuddenLink.net
Contact ClubRunner's Experts:  
Toll Free: 1-855-621-2582
Access training, videos and help guides
Webinars for Club & District roles:

recent media about ROTARY IN HOUSTON

CLICK HERE for media stories in the Houston Chronicle, ABC13 News, Houstonia Magazine and more about what our Houston-area members have to say about why they're Rotarians!
Each one of us have a different reason for joining, but all of us have our very own personal "Rotary Story" about why they've stayed in Rotary.
Visit our Exclusive "District 5890 Dropbox" With Photos, Videos, and More!
1.  For "Rotary In Houston Marketing Materials": https://www.dropbox.com/home/Houston%20Membership%20Marketing%20Pilot
2.  Video Embed Codes for adding videos to club websites: 
Watch Video Featuring "Behind The Scenes" Photos Of Our District 5890 Video & Photo Shoots
Lights! Camera! Action!
Several of our D5890 Rotarians and Rotaractors were cast to appear in several videos promoting Rotary International's "People of Action" Campaign, and Rotary in Houston! The videos are in production and the Rotary International Marketing team will be releasing them soon.
Our District 5890 Public Image Resource Newsletter
This has helpful information for our Rotary and Rotaract clubs find important tips, ideas, and links to help them promote their clubs.
A brand is more than a logo, and Rotary’s brand is much bigger than its wheel. It’s a perception: it’s how others think about us, not just how we see ourselves.
What's Brand Center?  It's where you find all of your resources for telling your club's story in a consistent and engaging way:  Logos, PowerPoints, Photos & Video, Brochures & more!
The Club Public Image Committee works together to create and implement a plan to tell
Rotary’s story to the public, and to promote the club’s projects and activities.
Helping your community learn more about what your club does creates opportunities for membership and partnerships.
Need step-by-step instructions to edit club information on your ClubRunner website?
(change club logo, address, contact info, add website URL, etc.)
in june, each d5890 Rotary club president received 3 versions of their club logo in "full color"
If you would like to create a club logo in Black, Azure Blue, or White, this logo shows you how!
Click here to watch a short video about the "Benefits of The Learning Center".
Click to read, "How to access District 5890 Expanding Our Reach on Learning Center".  
November 2023 "Updated Course Catalog" - To see list of all courses on Learning Center, please click here.
What is the reason for the People of Action campaign?
Rotary’s People of Action public image campaign aims to provide a simple, consistent answer to the question, What is Rotary?
You get one change to make a great impression!  Your club's website IS the front door for your community to learn more about what you do including trainings, ClubRunner App, Training Webinars & more. 
d5890 Photos, videos & digital ads to help expand your club's reach
As Rotary's Membership Marketing Pilot District and the media campaign, your club has a unique opportunity to expand its reach by using our new membership and marketing materials.
NEED help with your club's zoom or hybrid meetings?  
To help clubs become more informed and comfortable with the "how-to" for virtual and hybrid meetings, the Rotary Region 36 Technology and Communication Resources Team has created Zoom and Hybrid Club Meeting Resources.
Click here to visit our Hybrid Club Meeting Resources webpage 

the media:  what's the best format for your club?  whatever works best!

Publicity is essential to telling Rotary’s story. By getting your club’s activities promoted in your local news, you increase your community’s understanding of Rotary and strengthen our ability to improve lives around the world.

social media platforms explained

Refresh your club’s social media presence. Determine which social networks are right for your club, how best to use social media, and more.
Also watch our 3-part workshop series, "District 5890: Building Your Club's Social Media Plan"
As part of the District 5890 Membership Marketing Pilot, RI Membership Development and Marketing staff held six monthly online workshops exclusively for us:
Flexibility & Innovation- Growing & Engaging Membership - Brand & Rotary's Visual Identity -
Social Media & Public Image, Managing Membership Leads - Service and It's Role in Attraction & Engagement
Learn from RI's Experts
This District 5890 Expanding Our Reach in Learning Center includes the 3-part series by Rotary International experts:   RI Facebook Manager, Andy Sernberg, and Rotary's Global Event Specialist, Nick Smith.
Test your Rotary logo knowledge with an entertaining way to learn
how to use the Rotary logo correctly. Visit the Brand Center to download
and share Rotary’s latest video today. Use this video at your next meeting or club training. 
Rotary Zone 25B & 29 Public Image Resources & Webinars For Clubs
My attending these free, monthly Zoom webinars, Rotary leaders can learn tips, tricks, and ideas that you can implement to enhance your image within your club and within your community! 
Each FREE webinar will have several components: examples of how PI/Membership/TRF work together to increase your impact, best practices that your colleagues in other districts are implementing significantly, a deep dive into a particular topic that you will find interesting, and time for Q&A and other idea sharing.
Want to register to attend these Public Image Webinars? 
Send an email to R36pubimage@gmail.com requesting they add you to their email list for upcoming monthly Zoom webinars
Click here to visit the Zone 25B & 29 Public Image page