Every person has the right to live free of forced labor and exploitation.

Our task force works to address this problem by identifying opportunities for Rotary, and Partners, to engage and take action

■ 313,000 people are being trafficked in Texas at any given time ■
■ 79,000 Children and youth – victims of sex trafficking ■
■ 234,000 Adults – victims of labor trafficking ■
■ 987 cases reported in Texas in 2020 (second highest in the nation) ■
Houston is “Ground Zero” for this issue.  It is one of the biggest cities for human trafficking in the US, due its two international airports, its position near the busiest seaports in the nation, I-10 Corridor, prime site for major sporting events and conventions, and proximity to the Mexican/Texas Border.
For more local and national statistics, please reference “The POLARIS Project: Human Trafficking Statistics  https://humantraffickingsearch.org/resource/polaris-project-human-trafficking-statistics/
Photo:  Polaris Project: Human Trafficking Statistics

1.  mission statement of Task Force on ending human trafficking

End human trafficking in the communities that Rotary District 5890 serves, by originating or supporting initiatives aimed at Awareness, Prevention, and Restoration.  Produce effective change by:
  • Educating the Community through Rotary projects and conferences {Awareness}
  • Collaborating with Community and Corporate Leaders on preventive initiatives {Prevention}
  • Sponsoring Programs focused on the healing process of victims {Restoration}
A 2023 US$126,333 Rotary Foundation Global Grant for "Operation SAFE Launch - A Recover Center for Girls Rescued from Sex-Trafficking had been APPROVED!
Outside a small town in Texas (about halfway between Houston and Dallas), a group of dedicated Child Advocates and Counselors have acquired a fully secured, well designed, 20+ bed facility to be used as a recovery center to house rescued sex-trafficked teenage girls during their first 9-12 months of rehabilitation. 
This facility and its staff have been vetted and assessed by the local and state government officials in charge of medical, psychological, and educational support for traumatized and abused victims of this horrific crime.  Due to the cautious and controlled process for testing the initial operations of this remarkable facility and its partnering with multiple Child Protective Services across Texas, funding for this facility was needed from Rotary clubs in Rotary District 5890 and Rotary District 5910 to open their doors and reach a full, sustaining patient population (in about 9 months), before state agency reimbursements can kick in.
Thanks to the generosity of USA and international Rotary clubs, the US$126,333.00 Rotary Foundation Global Grant Application was approved and will now provide the much needed funding to help open the doors of this facility.
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Hotel Awareness Campaign

An informative package (videos, handouts, checklists, etc.) is being prepared by District 5890 and its Anti-Human Sex Trafficking (HST) Partners to share with the Hospitality Industry, i.e., hotels, convention centers, etc.  The material will provide information, advice, and counsel on how to recognize human sex trafficking situations and respond accordingly.  Subsequent professional training will also be available*.
At a minimum, this package is intended to be referenced/used in association with all major District 5890 convention and meeting site selections, where a formal contract is required by the hospitality site management.
*The State of Texas Attorney General’s Office has an “approved” list of Anti-Human Sex Trafficking organizations that can provide this special training (in person or via the web), including Unbound Houston.
Note:   Unbound Houston is a non-profit partner that supports survivors and resources the community to fight human trafficking through Prevention and Awareness, Professional Training, and Survivor Advocacy.
■     ■     ■     ■     ■     ■     ■     ■     ■     ■

presently consulting with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and law enforcement to identify potential projects that rotary clubs can contribute to and participate in

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3.  events

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Team Project with No Trafficking Zone (NTZ)

Our District 5890 Rotaract and Interact members participated in Anti-Human Sex Trafficking prevention and awareness training in conjunction with the No Trafficking Zone (NTZ) Youth Experience.  These members:
  • Attended NTZ Summit Week in NRG Park; shared experiences; spoke at Press Conference
  • Attended/Presented at NTZ and Texas Education Agency (TEA) Press Conference – focusing on the State of Texas’ NTZ Bill (SB-1831)
  • (Subsequently, and with the help of NTZ) introduced programs into local schools, e.g., creating campaigns and signage for the students
Work is ongoing between NTZ and Rotary youth to prevent/combat HST in schools, e.g., a video of the NTZ Youth Experience, including Rotary Interact participation, is forthcoming.
Note:    NTZ is a non-profit partner focused on preventing, combating, and eradicating human trafficking by creating NO TRAFFICKING ZONES throughout the world.
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New law fights sex trafficking in texas schools:  no Trafficking Zone Law" Press Conference - Rotary District 5890 District Governor Michelle Bohreer & District 5890 Interact representative & Clements High School Interact club Officer Speak About Taking Action!

Rotary District 5890 is honored to partner with "No Trafficking Zone" (NTZ) an anti-sex/human trafficking initiative plus elected officials, faith communities, civic leaders, and law enforcement officials to take action to end human trafficking! In partnership with NTZ, District 5890 is working with our high school Interact Clubs to empower their phenomenal high school students to create their own campaigns to address this modern day slavery issue in their schools!
CLICK TO WATCH PRESS CONFERENCE (hear District 5890 Rotarians & Interactors at 56:52 minutes)
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Team Project with the Coalition to Combat Human Trafficking in Texas (CCHTT) – April 2022

The Rotary Club of Space Center attached flyers (describing how to recognize if you are being “trafficked” for Sex, labor, etc.) to 25 cases of water bottles, that were then sent to Texas-Mexico Border for distribution to “immigrants”.
Note:    The Coalition to Combat Human Trafficking is a non-profit partner that works with organizations and individuals to make a strong, measurable impact on the Human Trafficking crisis, particularly focused on fighting for human dignity along the Texas-Mexico Border and across the state.
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Operation Turkey Campaign – November

Drivers who were delivering 10,000 Thanksgiving meals to home bound veterans and senior citizens were trained in human trafficking awareness in collaboration with Unbound Houston so they could report any suspicious activity they may encounter. 
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The Rotary Action Group Against Slavery (RAGAS)

District 5890 is exchanging ideas and project outcomes with RAGAS, a global, action-driven network of Rotarians dedicated to freedom fighting, justice seeking, problem solving, advocating for basic human rights, and working with like-minded groups to abolish modern slavery.  They are heavily involved in creating awareness with, and encouraging action by, Rotarians and their supporters in the fight against Human Sex Trafficking. 

WHY does the rotary action group against slavery DO?

  • They create awareness by: Telling Rotarians and the wider public that millions of vulnerable people are held captive illegally and exploited to make profit – MANY NEAR WHERE YOU LIVE!
  • They encourage action: By supporting, working with and promoting global anti-slavery bodies and activities through Rotary Clubs, campaigns and projects that help protect the vulnerable from slavery and its consequences.
You can help make that change - visit the RARAG website to learn more about:
  • What is modern day slavery and how you can spot it?
  • What are the Types of Exploitation
  • What is Internal vs External Trafficking
  • How you can help


Freedom is a basic human right.  We believe that collectively, we have a shared responsibility to take action on our world’s most persistent issues and because the world should be FREE of Modern Slavery/Human Trafficking.  Without freedom, individuals and communities cannot achieve basic education, economic development, or peace.  RAGAS Members, Clubs and Districts work together to promote education, peace, freedom, and healing in the world.

Click here to join the Rotary Action Group Against Slavery

We encourage you to visit the links below to visit our partner's websites.
Houston Area Women’s Center:  https://hawc.org/
No Trafficking Zone:  https://www.notraffickingzone.org/
Coalition to Combat Human Trafficking in Texas:  https://www.cchttx.com/
Children’s Assessment Center:  https://cachouston.org/
Arrow Child and Family Ministries: https://www.arrow.org/
City of Houston Mayor’s Office Office of Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence:  https://humantraffickinghouston.org/
Unbound Globalhttps://www.unboundnow.org
International Justice Mission:  https://www.ijm.org
Houston Police Department Vice Division:  713.308.8600
FBI - Houston Field Office 713.693.5000 Houston.fbi.gov


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