Special thanks to Walter Ulrich, CEO & President of Medical Bridges in Houston for his following message to Rotary District 5890:
To  our dear friends at Rotary… Medical Bridges treasures the relationship and friendship that we have with each of you and with Rotary. You have made a blessed difference for us in our biotech lab, in our rural Texas program, in response to international prices, and with your gifts for Ukraine.
Rotary District 5890 and local Rotary Clubs are an integral part of the rich flow of desperately needed medical items to Ukraine and that is gratefully appreciated. As a result, Rotary is part of this very special award given to Medical Bridges for its service providing medical supplies and equipment for the people of Ukraine. You provided funding and some volunteers, and Medical Bridges did what we do best. This would not have happened without the generous gifts from Rotary. This war is grinding on, and more help will continue to be needed.
This gracious and precious recognition by President Zelensky is special, but every day is special because with your long-standing support of Medical Bridges, you are improving health and saving lives in Ukraine and 104 countries whose needs are dire throughout the world… Walter.
Above:  PDG Michelle Bohreer at Medical Bridges Inc. warehouse with pallets of medical supplies donated by D5890 Rotarians that will be shipped to the Ukraine.
PDG Gary Gillen, PDG Mindy Snyder, and PDG Michelle Bohreer visiting the Medical Bridges Inc. warehouse in Houston following a tour of the facility.
DG Heather Rimato, DGE Nancy Davidson, D5890 Foundation Chair Barbara Franklin with Walter Ulrich, Medical Bridges CEO  & President on September 27, 2023